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Keep on moving!

Sometimes there’s value in changing your routine – by Shannon Patrizio

Do you ever feel like if you can’t do a full hour (or whatever your allotted personal work out time is) you might as well just chuck it out the window? I have! Does going for a 10-minute walk sound ridiculous because it seems like not enough of a workout to be effective? Been there. Done that.

An illustration showing the joy found when you keep moving!Being an avid runner for years set me up to have that type of a mindset. If I didn’t get at least an hour in for my daily run I would say, “Forget it!  I’ll wait till tomorrow and make it worthwhile by spending double the amount of time!”

They say that getting older makes one wiser. Well, perhaps in this case it has. I found myself getting stressed out by the pressure of the time I felt I had to invest in my workout. By the time I would go out for my “extra-long run,” I would be beating myself up for the one I missed the day before and push myself harder!

I didn’t notice that as a negative for years. Years! Then as injuries became more present and other life stresses started to add up I found myself feeling like a big jumbled stressed out mess about my workouts!

What used to be enjoyable and freeing became a structured mess of stress!  Wait a minute!  Back up the bus . . .

OK, I finally got it. I started just “grabbing” smaller workouts here and there and praising myself for them. Yes, take the dogs on a short walk, jump on my stair stepper for 15 minutes while I finish off my favorite show. While longer workouts are still in the mix, combining all of these shorter physical activities in my daily life (and praising myself for it!) has added a fullness to my life. And a theory for myself that to just keep moving is as effective for me and much less stressful than waiting for that LONG, hard workout full of personal expectations.

Over the holidays, where schedules are packed and guilt from grabbing those extra calories prevail, I suggest you add shorter, practical exercise into the mix with those longer workouts. Now this is a goal you can meet!

Have fun and keep on moving!

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