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Reasons to get a massage

Do you have a specific reason, region, or issue that brings you to making an appointment with a massage therapist? I have had many from my clients, and from my family. I’d like to do some posts to let you know the range of work I can do when something in your body isn’t working right.

Sometimes it’s simple: you work in an office all day but you have to stand up. This stresses your feet, legs, and back. Or you sit at a computer all day and your neck, shoulders and back protest. I have clients who come to me for just those reasons. Regularly. Just like our gadgets and our vehicles, need ongoing preventive maintenance, so does your body. In fact, I have one client who considers her monthly massage to be her physical therapy.

And you might be surprised at how often we are recommended by physicians, chiropractors, and other in healthcare. Or how often someone in healthcare comes in for a massage. I know for a fact that if my grandma and great-grandma were alive and lived in the Springs, they would be my clients. They loved my massages!

Stay tuned to see why people come for a massage and some outcomes!

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